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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

YOT wreaths

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Young offenders bring cheer to residents

Young offenders in Swindon have been creating their own unique celebratory New Year wreaths to bring cheer to residents at SEQOL’s Whitbourne House Residential Care Home.

Eight young offenders with the town’s Youth Offending Team have created dozens of customised wreaths under the supervision of professional staff. The offenders were responsible for designing the wreaths and used recycled materials before personally presenting them to residents at Whitbourne House.

Matt Bywater, Head of the Youth Offending Team, said: “Sometimes it can be difficult for young and old to bridge the generation gap. We encouraged young offenders to take part in this project because it helps them understand the challenges that other people in their local community may be facing. Eight of our young offenders have thrown themselves into this project with enthusiasm.”

The Youth Offending Team ensures that young people face up to the impact of their behaviour on the local community.

Matt added: “The general idea of doing something like this helps to reinforce opportunities for young people to make a positive contribution, which in turn helps to reassure the public that the vast majority of young offenders are capable of changing their behaviour. Many of our young people now have a better understanding of what life is like for those more vulnerable than themselves.”

Whitbourne House manager Sam Smiles said: “It was a pleasure seeing the young people who took part in this project engaging so well with our residents. The youngsters got to know some of our residents quite well, and were keen to show off their new found skills and creativity.

“The residents got so much out of the experience, too, and the wreaths looked amazing – the youngsters’ work gave both residents and staff a lot of pleasure.”

Picture: Residents Vivian Kral and Bryan Davis enjoy their festive wreaths

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