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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

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Swindon mum and daughter kick smoking habit together

Sharon Andrews thought giving up smoking would be tough but thanks to professional support and the backing of her mum, they have both now successfully quit and are thrilled with the results.

The 29-year-old, from West Swindon, decided to give up after falling pregnant last year.

“It feels fantastic to be starting 2016 with a baby due and without the hassle of smoking. There are so many benefits and giving up was easier than I imagined,” she said.

“Having mum join me was great, but the Stop Smoking Advisor held the key to our joint success. There was no pressure and she was so friendly, understanding and helpful.”

Apart from a four month break, Sharon had smoked ever since she was 13, following her older sister Selena and her mum Marie, now 53, who started at the age of 11.

“It’s a terrible addiction. We were both totally hooked and needed professional help – I wish I got it sooner. Annabel, our advisor, put us instantly at ease and was so full of good advice and practical tips,” she said.

“Stopping wasn’t easy, but I feel so relieved and my mum’s health has already improved – she can walk upstairs without getting breathless and her chest pains have disappeared. Selena gave up last year too, which is great.”

They both used nicotine replacement patches to help take the edge off their cravings.

“The patches are very effective and have been a lifesaver at times. But I’m becoming less dependent on them and now scarcely think about it,” she added.

Although protecting the health of her unborn baby was the primary motivation for giving up, Sharon soon discovered many other advantages.

She said: “I feel so proud of myself and the money saved soon adds up. That can buy nice things for the baby or treats for the whole family.”

Sharon’s partner Kevan, who works as an electrician, has also been a valuable source of support along with her three other children Destiny, Tamzyn and Liam.

“When I felt the urge to smoke, Kevan always encouraged me to resist the temptation. My kids have been brilliant too – they know that smoking kills and are totally against it. Now I’ve stopped, they are really chuffed and say how good it is,” she said.

“There’s definitely no going back now for either of us – we wish we did it years ago. If you’re thinking of quitting, go for it and don’t be afraid to seek help – it really works.”

The Swindon Stop Smoking Service, which provides expert 1-1 advice and practical guidance as well as nicotine replacement options, is proven to significantly increase your chances of success.

Cllr Brian Mattock, Swindon Borough Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care, said: “Congratulations to Sharon and Marie, who are enjoying a smoke free start to the New Year. It’s great that they found the Swindon Stop Smoking Service instrumental to their success and I hope their story will inspire others to seek this free professional help. It’s a sad fact that one in every two smokers will lose their life to smoking, so raising awareness of the support available to overcome this lethal addiction is really important.”

So if quitting was a since lapsed New Year’s resolution or you think now is the time to give it a try, call 0800 3892229 or 01793 465513, text 07881 281797 or email besmokefree@swindon.gov.uk

Pharmacies or GPs also offer support to stop smoking.

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